Outer Banks Kayak Fishing Full Moon Excursion

The full moon excursion is just like its nighttime counterpart, but under the light of the magnificent full moon. Paddling around in the dark exploring the water above and below, while having light from Mother Nature herself, is not a trip you’ll soon forget. The night before, of, and after the full moon are best for this excursion.

This excursion leaves after dark allowing the moon to rise and illuminate the water. This excursion is 2 hours long

Full Moon Schedule for 2018

March 31 – Blue Moon Event

April 29 – The Pink Moon

May 29 – The Flower Moon

June 27 – The Strawberry Moon

July 27 – The Buck Moon

August 26 – The Sturgeon Moon

September 24 – The Harvest Moon

October 24 – The Hunters Moon

I will provide all the necessary kayaking equipment for all of the excursions. Additional items supplied will include a dry bag for cameras, phones and valuables, along with a soft cooler for snacks and drinks.

Rates are as follows.

Adults = $55.00

Children 12 and under = $40.00

All parties of 4 or more will be given a 10% discount.

Contact us via phone at 252-305-2017 or email kayakgoals@gmail.com to book your trip or if you have any further questions.