Family Kayak Fishing Adventure


Family Kayak Fishing

Our Family Adventures are growing in popularity at a rapid pace.

These trips allow the entire family to take part in discovering our sound waters like no other adventure.

As a parent, I realize that young children can loose interest in any activity quickly, so this trip is designed to keep kids interested and entertained throughout the trip, while enjoying the outdoors as a family.

The trip is broken down evenly into fishing, clamming, and exploring.

After doing some fishing, the children will have the opportunity to swim and play in shallow water while hunting clams and exploring underwater. The kids will find endless  entertainment looking at our shallow water marine life.

The crabs, fish, shells and vegetation come to life in a way one cannot imagine.

I will supply a GoPro camera for the children to film with above and below the water while clamming and exploring. At the end of the trip, I will give you the SD card to take home  with you.

I will also supply clam rakes for the family and swim goggles for the children.

The entire family will experience our waters in a new and exciting way, without breaking a sweat and while knowing their children are always at arms reach in water that averages  only 2-3 feet deep.

After a couple hours of clamming and exploring, I will end the trip with more fishing.

This is a four and half hour adventure.

Up to eight people.

Fees vary based on the amount of people.


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