Night Op Fishing Adventures

Do you want to try something completely different in an Outer Banks Kayak Fishing Adventure?

Then this is for you.

See and fish the backwaters of the Outer Banks in a whole new light.

Having worked closely with Super Nova Fishing Lights, I’ve been able to fully customize the new Bonafide Kayaks in my fleet with underwater LED lights. This allows for  two different, awesome nighttime options.

Outer Banks Kayak Fishing now offers traditional Outer Banks flounder gigging. By gliding into the shallows or floating through a side finger of the backwaters, one can spot flounder and stick them with the gig from the comfort of their seat. The kayak will allow us to get into areas not normally targeted by nighttime anglers.

Outer Banks Kayak Fishing is also offering night time fishing. This type of fishing allows anglers to target fish at a time when they see less pressure. This also allows anglers to escape the heat of the day. Utilizing the Super Nova lights on the kayak and a specially designed system, we can draw in the fish and knock them back.

All Outer Banks Kayak Fishing Night Op Adventures are 4 – 4½ hours long. I’ll supply all the kayaking and fishing equipment one will need to be on the water at night.

You simply need a North Carolina saltwater fishing license, (ages 16 and up), drinks, snacks and appropriate clothing.

The underwater lights on my kayaks are designed specifically for the Bonafide kayaks. The use of personal kayaks is not available on these trips.

Pricing for Night Op Adventures:

1 Person = $165.00

2 Person = $300.00

3 Person = $375.00

4 Person = $425.00

5 Person = $460.00

Outer Banks Kayak Fishing offers a 10% discount on all single person fishing trips for military, fire, police and EMS. All multi-person fishing trips are already discounted.

I can accommodate up to 8 people, but you will need to contact me for pricing and more info.

Contact us via phone at 252-305-2017 or email to book your trip or if you have any further questions.