1/13/18 A New Year Means New Adventures

The 2018 season marks 11 seasons of kayak guiding on the Outer Banks.

I’ve loved every moment of it and I’ve enjoyed my growth in the sport and business.


Put a big fish on your lap and you’re gonna get wet.


In April of 2016, I ruptured a disc in my neck that lead to me being down almost the entire season and I only made a few big drum runs and a handful of backwater runs late in the season.

In 2017 I rebounded, within reason, as I still needed another surgery and I took a gamble to try and make it until November to have the procedure. I won on the gamble and ran trips throughout the season, although I did limit what I was doing to lessen the chance of injury.

The 2017 citation drum season was productive, when the weather allowed.

The 2017 citation drum season was productive, when the weather allowed.


Almost 3 months post surgery and I finally feel great again. I’ve begun to lift weights and train for this year.

I’m super stoked as I’m going to expand my trips slightly.

I will continue to offer all of my fishing adventures except for the Extreme Offshore, as I am having difficulty retaining a reasonable insurance premium, because I offer it. The premium is double currently and two other companies let me go because of it, although there has never been an issue with injury. This is the most exhilarating trip one could take and I hope to bring them back in the future.


The fight and sleigh ride from one of these monsters is unforgettable.



Although I’m eliminating one of my fishing trips, I am adding two non-fishing trips.

I’ve had enough inquiries over the years asking about trips to get families out to enjoy the water and the sights that I decided this year to give it a whirl.

I will now be offering SMALL GROUP (up to 8 people) Sunset and Full Moon tours.


With a plethora of launch sites along the Outer Banks, taking advantage of these two amazing sights on the water is well worth it. Offering small size groups will allow couples, families or friends to see these sights in their own way. I’ll also be offering a 15% discount to groups of four or more on these guided tours.

My IT guy and I are currently hammering away at making the necessary updates to this site for all the information on the services I will offer for the 2018 season.

Please check back February 5th to see what’s going on.

ALso, please feel free to contact me via phone or email with any questions you may have pertaining to this year, as I can answer them for you.


I’m also very stoked to announce that this season I have joined the new Bonafide Kayaks Fishing Team. After an entire fishing career spent in Wilderness System boats, I have made a major move. I love Wilderness and this is no reflection on them, but Bonafide has been founded by Luther Cifers, the owner of YakAttack and a friend, who has been an unstoppable force and innovator in the kayak fishing industry.  The opportunity to take part in a new and upcoming kayak company was one I couldn’t pass up.

I’ll be running a fleet of their new SS107 boats that my clients will find to be ridiculously stable for any level of kayaker. Standing and fishing will be a breeze, even if it’s your 1st time. The boats track and maneuver like no other in its class. The boats will be fully rigged and include pliers, dry packs for your phones and additional gear you want to keep dry, landing nets and more.

Check back in February as I’ll have a video walk through of what you can expect on your fishing or guided tour with my kayaks.

You can also see more about Bonafide Kayks by clicking on the following pic.


Click on this pick to view Bonafide Kayaks web page..

Click on this pick to view Bonafide Kayaks web page..

I’m also thankful to be a part of the Bending Branches National Pro-Team, The YakAttack Regional Pro-Team,  Seigler Reels Pro-Team and a part of the Ambassador Team for Ugly Stik and Pure Fishing.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check back in a few weeks for the updates.

I’m a small business owner and I appreciate your business.

Rob Alderman


Here’s a video of the 1st time I ever knocked a reel out of gear, while fighting a stud. However, I recover and make it happen.






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Fishing Report for July

The flounder and puppy drum bite still remains decent. Some days are faster then others, but were not getting skunked…cross my fingers.


The warm winter has lead to one of the better flounder bites I’ve seen in awhile. A wide range of sizes are out there, but there are a fair amount of keepers.

Still seeing a mix bag of sizes of pups also. Some days they just fall short of the slot limit and some days, they’re just over it.


I’ve been getting some calls for more and more family trips. These types of trips I can customize a little more then my traditional fishing trips. I can tailor the things we do and the time we spend doing…all of which can help make these trips affordable on any budget.


Reach out to me and we’ll talk.

Still plenty of open days for 2017.

Thanks for looking.


Spring Update 2017

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderDSC_0208DSC_0240DSC_0209DSC_0226DSC_0234FullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderThe fishing has been good for the most part. STarted of strong with excellent speckled trout fishing, but that has fallen back some.


We are seeing really good puppy drum fishing, however,  a fair amount of those are under keeper size, but we pick at some of the slot fish. Small stripers, specks and flounder seem semi abundant, with the occasional keepers in there,


So, fair action for entertainment, but the take home and be slim at times.

DSC_0240Nevertheless–the weather and conditions have been top notch, as of late.

Outer Banks Kayak Fishing can get you out on the water to explore and enjoy the Outer Banks in a whole new way.



Gearing Up and Ready for 2017

I am feeling ready for a new season, after a major neck injury early in 2016.

The winter weather has been pleasant and I believe this may lead to some decent fishing this year. The puppy drum and speckled trout that have taken serious cold stun hits the past few years, should’ve thrived this winter.

Now that it is April I will begin to hunt for fish every chance the wind allows for.

Look for reports soon,

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have involving a potential trip.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for visiting.



Much Overdue Update 7/15/16

It’s July 2016 and for no good reason I hadn’t updated this blog in sometime.

Yes, I am still running trips.

However, I ruptured a disc in my neck this past April, which required surgery and it managed some short term nerve damage. The nerve damage has caused severe weakness in the left side of my upper body.

For safety reasons for myself and my clients I will only run trips that involve 3 indvidual kayaks or two tandem kayaks (Four person family trips). If you have your own boats or some of your own boats I may up that number…it depends on your needs.

I am sorry for any inconvienence and I hope to be up to par by spring of 2017.


Rob Alderman