August 9th: Fishing Report

The month of July had its ups and downs in the catching department.

I’d love to say that I wore them out every trip, but that just doesn’t happen. I can say that I am happy that I had only a couple of trips that did yield seriously disappointing results.

For the most part we managed fish every trip. Some days only a few and some days quite a few.

The single greatest hamper was the weather. From hurricanes and hard summer winds to massive amounts of thunderstorms — the weather kept me ashore a whole lot more then it let me run.

But hey… that’s the Outer Banks and that’s why they call it fishing.

Here is a pic of a citation sheepshead that weighed in at 8lbs 11ozs.


A nice 19 inch flounderDSC05972

A nice 21 inch speckled troutDSC05906Now for a fraction of the puppy that we caught.

DSC05919 DSC05990 DSC05992 DSC05958 DSC05954 DSC05951DSC05894 DSC05896I also made it into Kayak Angler Magazine twice in the Summer edition. Once for helping the Wilderness Systems crew test the newest addition to their fleet, The Thresher. We took that bad boy into Diamond Shoals for a true test of an ocean fishing yak.



Yes. I liked it and have my new Thresher coming the 1st of September :-)

Second– They gave me a plug for the offshore mothershipping.DSC05982

Here is my video look at the new Thresher.

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Go fishing and play hard !