Fishing Report: 6/22

We are officially into summer and this means the fishing will be up and down based on the temps.

Hotter days will generally be slower then the cooler ones.

There are still lots of puppy drum around and the speckled trout and flounder have started to get caught more regularly. the specks and flounders have been small on average, but I am starting to see some more keepers show up.DSC05787



I’ve had a few family trips out and we have had a great time fishing and exploring. Most haven’t been to interested in clamming as they have been exploring–but for those interested the clams have been showing up.


I did manage to get offshore again and that was fun.

We had a hard time finding a good weed line for mahi, so we went after some amberjacks.

We refer to these fish as ” Reef Donkeys” around here because of their impressive power.

On this trip they managed to snap 2 rods.

We also had a shark bite a fish in half while the angler was pulling it over the side of the boat.


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