Fishing Report: May 23rd

I’ve been running around a lot lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been fishing. I ‘ve done my fair share of that. I’ve made 4 trips into the shoals in recent past, along with fishing in the sound.mattlusk.blackdrumuw Some trips have been better then others, but overall myself, friends and clients have been happy. I am really going to try and hit the ocean more this year. Whether the fishing is really hot or slow–it seems everyone loves these trips, because we always see or do something cool. But weather does play highly into this and I hope that it allows for more ocean side trips. DCIM101GOPRO I was contacted by the Discovery Channel to see if they could acquire some of my red drum footage from pier and surf. Apparently they have been filming along the NC coast for one of their Destination America episodes. They want to incorporate some footage of the state fish. melissa I am currently in negotiations with them for the licensing of this. But–even upon finalizing an agreement there is no insurance they will use it. Although– they seem anxious to get it and like what I’ve sent them so far…so more likely then not they will use it. I was asked to write another article for Outdoor Outer Banks again this year and it was chosen for the main article. I was stoked to find this out and to have made the cover. I also just had the opportunity to work directly with Wilderness Systems in testing out one of their new prototype boats. They are currently working on 2 new boats to be released in the coming months. ric1 The particular boat I tested was the, Thresher. This boat is being geared and marketed as a sea touring/open water fishing boat. They will be offered in 14ft and 15 and 1/2ft. I had the pleasure of testing these boats out in Diamond Shoals with Wildy’s boat designer and their marketing manger, along with Ric Burnley, who is covering it for Kayak Angler Magazine. The conditions were off the chain. The wind blew up and I was hesitant to even make the run, but we battled it out in some serious swell and current for 5 hours and the test was perfect. I was stoked to hear the boat designer say that he was so impressed with Cape Point and the dynamics that he plans on testing some other boats here in the future. Donchris The other boat Wildy is working on–well–that’s something I am not allowed to discuss right now Overall I am running hard from all angles and my season is looking good..Now if the weather cooperates all will be well. I wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend… And– I am very appreciative of those who have gave so much for me to do what it is I love. Thank you !